Steak Seasoning

Meet Your Spice:
For that true Tex-Mex flavor, this spice brings to mind a hot skillet plate of fajitas being brought to the table at your favorite Mexican restaurant.

What Our Pitmasters Say:
“Salt, pepper, grilled onions, smoked garlic -- multiple layers of flavor come through without the heat.”

Goes Great With:
Beef or chicken fajitas, steak, vension backstrap, grilled game birds, asparagus and squash.

Blending Recommendations:
Find your happy medium of heat by blending with the Hot & Spicy to taste.

Sizes Available:
8 OZ, 16 OZ, 32 OZ, 112 OZ

Formerly known as Fajita Seasoning, we’ve renamed this blend to Steak Seasoning to better describe its versatility on all things beef. It’s the same great spice with an updated name.

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